About JSM Transport

Unofficially, JSM Transport began in 2006 when the owner, Jean Milfort, bought his first pickup truck. Jean took a few small jobs around the neighborhood hauling oversize junk and helping neighbors move to get ahead on his truck payments. While this sparked the idea of moving as a revenue generator, JSM Transport didn’t official begin until 2015 when Jean was let go from his full-time job. Rather than bemoan his bad luck, Jean seized this opportunity to build a business and overcome all obstacles. Over the years, the business has grown, expanding their fleet of trucks, hiring more movers, and serving commercial moves in addition to residential moves.

Because your move matters.

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Family-Owned, Family Values

JSM Transport is a family-owned business. In fact, the initials in JSM stand for the first letter of each of our founding family’s names!

J – Jean Milfort | S – Sarah Milfort | M – Mirlene Milfort

When Jean bought that first pickup truck, it was his wife Mirlene that suggested taking odd jobs to pay it off. From then on, Mirlene (and daughter Sarah who was born a few years later) has been a part of the journey, each step of the way. Along with family, the Milforts value hard work, quality service, and building community in and out of their business.

JSM Transport owner, Jean Milfort

Jean Milfort

From his early days growing up in Haiti, JSM Owner Jean Milfort knew the value of hard work and thinking outside the box. Jean was entrepreneurial from a young age, making a profit by selling school lunches, and while he admits that life back then was harder, it was also one that prepared him use whatever had to create his own blessings. Now rooted in Delaware, Jean and his family continue to seize opportunities when they can, create them when they don’t already exist, and bring as many people along for the ride as possible.

JSM Transport owner's family, Jean, Mirlene, and Sarah Milfort

Sarah Milfort

An unexpected miracle, Sarah came along after her parents were told that having a child was a physical impossibility. Then born 3 months early, Sarah’s survival comes down to divine intervention and a fighting spirit she inherited from her parents. Sarah helps out with the business and inspires her parents to keep going when entrepreneurship gets tough.

JSM Transport owner, Mirlene Milfort

Mirlene Milfort

Also Haitian born, Mirlene met Jean in a parking lot in the United States and knew immediately that this was someone who would play a big role in her life. Jean was equally smitten and used their mutual acquaintances to follow up and begin dating the woman he’d eventually marry. Mirlene has played a pivotal role in the development of JSM from the initial concept to using her background in Human Resources to help with business operations and employee management. Along with working in the business, Mirlene works full time as an LPN and is pursuing a degree to become an RN.

Meet the Team

The JSM team is qualified, enthusiastic, and most importantly, careful! We enjoy what we do and we care about the end result. In short, we treat your stuff like it’s our own. In order to provide not just a location transfer, but a full home move, we make sure our team includes experts at installations for appliances, equipment, and furniture, and we can help with anything from electronics to bed frames.

12′-14′ Trucks

Likes: Helping people move from one home to another, hauling junk, and smaller residential projects.

26′ Trucks

Likes: Helping companies make big industrial moves and traveling around the US!